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Velocity Video Featured on Fox 32 Chicago

Chicago, IL – June 26, 2022 – Thatcher Kamin, founder of Velocity Video, talks about their summer offerings for students looking to expand their video production skills.   See More

In-Demand Technology Skills Your Kid Can Build Now

Worried about your child’s screen time? Maybe it’s time to reframe — and help them build valuable technology skills — through video production. An expert in the field explains why.  Read Article

Velocity Video Featured on Cheryl Leahy's "All Dressed Up..." Blog

From the blog post: “Raise your hand if your children know who Mr. Beast is. How about Preston? Flamingo? If your kids haven’t been swallowed up by YouTubers or social media stars, cheers to you. But for the rest of you raising your hands, probably in a slightly shameful way with a major sigh, you know the feeling. What if you could take this obsession with video and turn it into something incredibly productive and creative? That’s where Velocity Video comes in- with video production for kids.” Read Full Post all dressed up blog

Velocity Video Establishes First Community Focused on Video and Production Skill Development for Chicagoland Young Creatives

Curriculum Developed by Leading Chicago Video Production Studio and Rooted in Real World Best Practices to Teach the Ins and Outs of the Industry

Chicago, IL — April 19, 2022 — With summer extracurricular season right around the corner, Chicagoland kids will have a new activity option dedicated to video and production. Velocity Video, a video school for kids ages 8-18, is opening its doors in July to provide kids with a creative community offering video industry technical training that they may not get elsewhere.

Jobs in video production are expected to grow between 20 percent and 30 percent by 2030, and given their collective knowledge, Taste Media Group created Velocity Video to give kids a head start in the technical and social skills needed to find success in the video production community. With proprietary curriculum expertly crafted to nurture young minds who have a passion for content creation, classes will also teach translatable skills for those interested in pursuing a career in the video and production industry. The inaugural sessions are now open for limited enrollment.

“Gen Z is the first truly digital native generation – they’ve never known a world without the internet, cell phones and very few remember a time before social media – and yet, there are limited resources in our area for those who want to learn how to create video content to channel their creativity and even possibly provide a career path,” said Thatcher Kamin, Founder of Velocity Video and Owner/ Executive Producer Taste Media Group. “There are so many extracurricular activity options today for kids who want to pursue more traditional hobbies and passions, such as sports or the arts, and now we are offering an option for kids who want to pursue video production in the Chicagoland area. We’re excited to share our wealth of knowledge with these kids to help grow their passion for the field.”

Velocity Video is set to kick off its first session on Tuesday, July 12. The course will cover pre-production, field production, post-production, and camera operation in an interactive and inspirational environment to learn video production. Each session of the program will meet weekly for five weeks, and by the end of the program students will have shot, edited and produced a video. The curriculum is designed by the experts at Taste Media Group to ensure participants are learning tangible, translatable skills that will help hone their hobbies or pursue a career in the field. Led by Kamin, Chicago’s Taste Media Group has been servicing clients since 2010 for their video production, motion graphic, and livestreaming projects.

Velocity Video is an important – and personal – endeavor for Kamin, who has found success in video production with clients in the corporate, agency, startup, non-profit, educational, television network and celebrity realm.

“Experience is the best teacher. Video production is truly a team effort and the people and personally has provided a rewarding career for myself. The earlier that kids can be introduced to video production as a career option, the better; I wasn’t involved in video until I was 21 years old and enrolled in college. It is my hope that Velocity Video sparks a passion in our students and by the time they are ready to determine their career path, they may already have a decade’s worth of production experience under their belt,” said Kamin.

For more information on Velocity Video or to enroll now, please visit VelocityVideoClass.com.

About Taste Media Group
Taste Media Group is a full-service video production and digital strategy company located in the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, serving clients worldwide. Since 2010, the company has partnered with a diverse client base on over 1,500 projects to utilize video in innovative ways to help maximize marketing ROI. Led by experts in the field that believe video is the most powerful communication tool, Taste Media Group looks forward to sharing their knowledge with future video professionals.

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